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1. How far in advance should I order?
Please order your cake minimum 2 days in advance.

2. Do you take orders for large cakes?
Currently, we are unable to take orders for large cakes.

3. Do you deliver?
Yes, we are able to arrange for a reliable delivery service to deliver your
cake to your preferred venue. Please note that the full delivery cost will
be borne by the customer, unless it is a promotional period stated on our
social media pages. All products are the responsibility of the customer
once they have been picked up or delivered. We are not responsible for any
damage occurring to the products any time thereafter.

4. Do your cakes come with candles and cake knives?
We provide standard free candles upon request, but not cake knives as part of our efforts to reduce plastic consumption.

5. Can you write a personalised message on my cake?
We can include your message on a card to be attached to the cake box, but instead of writing on the cake, we would recommend cake toppers instead, as they
would match our cakes better. We have standard cake toppers available for purchase in the Cake Accessories category.

6. Will my cake still be good if I leave it in the fridge for several hours
or overnight?
All of our cakes are best consumed on the day of pick up/delivery but can
be stored in the fridge. Cakes with buttercream or chocolate ganache
topping will last 3-4 days in the fridge. Cakes with custard, cream, cream
cheese or fresh fruit will last 1-2 days at most in the fridge. Cakes
containing alcohol may last longer. However, for guaranteed freshness and
quality, we strongly rrecommend for our cakes to be consumed on the day of
pick up/delivery. If you do decide to store your cake in the fridge, store
it in an airtight container, and bring it to room temperature only 20
minutes before serving.

7. Can I cancel my order once it's been placed?
Order cancellations will be accepted up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled pick up/delivery time. No refunds will be provided for orders that are cancelled with less than 48 hours' notice. All cancellation refunds are subject to 50% fee to cover costs incurred by the initiation of an order. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing via the contact form on our website.


8. Do you make cakes that use fondant?
Kindly note that our craft is in a certain style of cakes, thus we do not
specialise in novelty, fondant or 3D cakes. We are able to semicustom cakes
but we are not able to accord a carte blanche to customers on the cake
design. For semi-custom cake orders, please contact us via Whatsapp,
Facebook, Instagram, or the contact form.

9. Can you reduce the sugar in my cake?
The content of sugar in our cakes have already been reduced from our
original recipes, hence our cakes are not too sweet. We can reduce a little more should you request for it. However we cannot completely eliminate sugar from our cakes as this would compromise
the texture and structure of our cakes.

10. Are your baked goods halal?
We are not a halal-certified establishment, and several of our baked goods
explicitly contain alcohol.

11. I have food allergies. Do you make anything wheat/dairy/nut free?
We do not bake in an allergen-free environment. While we do have select
products that do not contain nuts, all of our products are baked
in an environment where wheat, dairy and nuts are present in high volumes.
Due to the presence of these allergens at all of our baking facilities, we
do not recommend consuming any of our desserts if you are allergic to
wheat, nuts or dairy.

12. Do you have gluten free cakes?
We currently don't provide gluten-free cakes.

13. Do you have any egg-free bakes?
Unfortunately, we use eggs in almost all of our bakes.

14. How strong is the taste of alcohol in your cakes which contain alcohol?

The alcohol in our cakes is used as a flavour enhancer, therefore you may find that the taste of alcohol is slightly stronger in some of our cakes like Baileys Chocolate Cake and but faint in Kahlua Tiramisu and Not-So-Traditional Black Forest Cake. If you would like more booze in your cake, you do have the option of purchasing extra pipette shots in the Cake Accessories section of this website.

If your question isn't answered here, please reach out to us via the contact form and
we'll get back to you. You can also contact us on Whatsapp at 012-6807954
in order to receive assistance promptly.